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Throughout my career I have always been the person that people turn to when they need things done; that ‘Go To’ person. I never really realised this until helping my partner with his business and I found myself always responding ‘I’ll sort it out’. Turns out, I love helping people with their problems and am pretty intuitive so am great at helping people with what they don’t even know they need! I am excellent at getting things done effectively and efficiently and great at organising and streamlining.

I also feel that we are stuck in this culture of busy-ness and hustling in business where women are constantly being told that they always have to be doing things and being busy is being successful. But when is it enough? And what if what you are busy doing isn’t actually that productive? Even if you have realised you need take a step back from being so busy all the time, there are so many strategies and things that you can do to make yourself less busy that it is just adding another thing on your already jam packed to do list?


My goal is to help women identify the ‘shoulds’, helping them refocus on what they really do need to be doing and then sorting out the rest for them. I also think it’s important to keep people accountable and call them out on stuff because just because we are boss bitches doesn’t mean we aren’t human and get stuck in our head and our stories every now and again. 

Combining my love of admin, organisation and helping women get ahead I aim to help you create some space for creativity and inspiration and remove the barriers for you to stay in your zone of excellence. Take a look at my services page to see what I can help you with or reach out with the details below for a more in-depth chat.


  • Diploma in Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Massey University)




Robyn Pelvin – Director, XP Relines. 

Stacey has been a valuable addition to our business. She’s efficient, accurate, great at communication, and her skills are extremely versatile. She has been able to support our business by taking over some of our accounting and bookkeeping activities, and has also completed general administrative tasks, research tasks and analysis for us. She’s very systematic and has helped us identify opportunities to streamline our business and assisted us with the documentation. Stacey is extremely capable and trustworthy, and I have no hesitation recommending her services.